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5 Best Alternatives To Zoom App For Video Conference

Alternatives To Zoom App

Even though the entire world has been shut down socially for pacifying the effect of Covid-19, the business world is not sleeping. People are carrying on with their work roles from their homes, fulfilling their responsibilities towards the business. Even though work from home can be a bit more comfortable, many employees are still suffering from communication gaps. This is why companies are using top video conference apps to discuss the business continuity plan or the projects that are to be handled.

Now, since we are talking about the best video conference app in the market, the first application that comes to our mind is the Zoom app. The features of this online video meeting application are impeccable and that’s why many companies all around the world are using this specific app. However, sometimes, you need other alternatives too so that the video meetings can go on swiftly without having to face any sort of interference. Many governments and top companies believe that’s Zoom has several security issues.

This is the reason why we will be discussing the alternatives of Zoom application using which you can either initiate a video conference meeting or you can join an ongoing meeting.


Google Meet becoming the as best alternative of Zoom as now it is FREE.   Have you ever chatted with someone over Hangout? If yes, then you are well aware of the features and specifications of the application and how it helps people to talk with one another over a high-end chatbot. Now, Google Meet is nothing but the modified version of Hangout. Its new features and specifications have made the Meet the best video conference app for holding professional business meets, webinars, and even seminars. 

Here, around a hundred and fifty people can join a single meeting. Thus, the user frequency band of Meet is far more enhanced than that of the Hangout application. Google Meet has extra features like screen sharing, muting of voices, recording the call and so on which makes it perfect for businesses all around the world.


The Teams app from Microsoft is gaining a lot of popularity in the business world, all thanks to its easy but high-end user interface and specifications. If you are looking for Zoom app alternatives to hold a meeting with your team, Teams will certainly serve the purpose without asking too much from you. Connection to MS Teams can be achieved in two ways- either you have registered for the application fee or you can include the Teams in your Microsoft 365 Business collection. Both ways you will be able to join 299 people in a single meeting. 


This is one of the top video conference apps that you can use after the Zoom Meeting. The call quality of this application is impeccable and that’s why there will be no tension of getting connection issues while you are in the middle of a meeting. The specifications and features of this video conference application are robust and hence can be used by a beginner also. With an excellent user interface, GoTo meeting can be used to initiate conference calls, video meets, screen sharing, and voice recording, and so on. However, when you will be using the GoTo meeting, you need to ensure that you do have a strong network connection since the application seems to falter in its activity with a weak network. 


Another best video conference tool is the Webex meeting from Cisco. To be a part of any business meeting being held on through Webex, you will either need your own Webex account or the meeting ID of the person who has initiated the meet. Screen sharing, voice recording, conference calls, and other features are included within the user interface of this particular video conference application. You can even get a Chrome extension so that you won’t have to search it every time a meeting is being arranged through Webex. 


This has become one of the best Zoom app alternatives since here anyone can join a business meeting with or without having the application installed in their work systems. The best part of using the Meet Now application is that you can join the meeting as a guest without having to sign in. There are multiple options on the meeting screen which you can use at your convenience. 


With this, we are finally concluding our discussion about some of the top video conference apps that have gradually replaced the use of the Zoom Meeting in the business world.

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